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Summer 2024

This upcoming show marks our 5th musical production!

Summer 2023

Co-produced with Turtle Island Theatre and presented at Saputo Auditorium at Lower Canada College in Montreal, this show-stopping musical featured over 50 different cotumes, over 25 on-stage actors, a 16-piece band, 5 META nominations, 2 boats, and a team of members who really proved that they are indeed SHOW PEOPLE!

Summer 2022

After a two year hiatus following our 2019 production due to the pandemic, we returned teamed up with Turtle Island Theatre! Presented at Chateauguay's Salle Jean-Pierre Houde in August AND December of 2022 (for a revival!), this absurd little musical was made possible by plenty of wonderful PEE-ple!


Summer 2019

Presented at Howard S. Billings’ Mosher Auditorium in Chateauguay, this blood-craving, R&B jiving musical featured an array of talents from our communities who wish to remind you: "DONT FEED THE PLANTS!"

Summer 2018

Presented at Howard S. Billings' Mosher Auditorium in Chateauguay, this show marked Starcatcher Productions’ first project, bringing a community of SUPER FRIENDS together to present theatre out of the love for the craft!

Promo videos edited by our Associate Artist, Gio!

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