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Starcatcher Productions is looking for passionate and ambitious artists to complete our production team for our 2024 summer musical production of 


All positions are volunteer / non-union.

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Below are brief descriptions for each role we are looking for.

Specific tasks and expectations may vary from what is detailed below.

Musical Director

The leader of the musical/instrumental/vocal aspects of the show. 

*For Into the Woods, we are looking for a Musical Director who is capable of leading a reduced band and performing the Piano-Conductor score for select rehearsals and all performances.*

*To be discussed more in interview!


Production Manager

Leader and collaborator, along with the Technical Director, for the production. The Production Manager’s main responsibilities are focused on the management of all the designers and ensuring all production aspects are on schedule.


Tasks include:

  • Setting the agenda for and running regular Production Team meetings.

  • Leading the production team and creating a production calendar with designer deadlines from preliminary meetings to set build and tech days.

  • Understanding where each department is relative to the production schedule.

  • Regularly meeting with the Director and Technical Director about production related updates.

  • Resolving any issue that may be delaying or disrupting any department for the production.


Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is the practical and organizational support to the Director, actors, designers, stage crew, and technicians throughout the production process. 


Tasks include:

  • Attending every rehearsal (or coordinating an ASM to be present) to record blocking and notes, as well as communicating any necessary info to the rest of the team. This includes completing regular rehearsal reports.

  • Attending production meetings and relaying relevant information between the teams when necessary.

  • Scheduling rehearsals and guaranteeing everyone is on time and ready, and generally maintaining order within the rehearsal process.

  • Creating all necessary paperwork for the production: contact sheet, character-scene breakdown, etc…

  • Calling all sets, lighting, and sound cues during the show, and running show nights from everyone’s arrival through everyone's leaving the theater.

  • Hiring and working with a minimum of two Assistant Stage Managers with input from the Director.


Prop Designer

The designer and creator of all the props used in the production.


Tasks include:

  • Designs all props for the production.

  • Pulling, purchasing, building, or renting props that fit the specifications of the design.

  • Working in close collaboration with the production team; specifically the Set & Costume Designer to ensure cohesive designs.

  • Assuring that rehearsal props are present during rehearsal, and that all show props are located by the time the production moves into the theatre.

  • Repairs / replaces props if damaged or lost.


Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer is responsible for all promotional and merchandise designs of the production. 


Tasks include:

  • Helping the Publicity Director in the creation and design of the show's program (Playbill).​

  • Working closely with the Director and Publicity Director to create all production design materials including: show posters, social media graphics, and t-shirt design.

  • Working with photographers for promotional materials.

  • May be required to assist other designers for any production related items that may need a graphic design. (i.e.: newspaper props, posters for sets, etc...).


Assistant Costume Designers

An Assistant Costume Designer is responsible for assisting the Costume Designer in their role.


Tasks include:

  • Assist taking measurements of actors.

  • Attend fittings and assist as needed.

  • Assist in the purchasing of necessary materials and garments.

  • Assist with alterations/sewing as necessary.

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Costume Cutter

  • Responsible for creating patterns and cutting for fabrics. 

  • Sewing will be delegated to sewists, but sewing experience is necessary in this position

  • Previous tailoring/cutting experience is a necessity.

  • Proficiency in period silhouettes is advantageous but not a requirement. 

  • Required to attend fittings as necessary.

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Publicity Director

The Publicity Director is responsible for all promotion of the season’s production. 


Tasks include:

  • Maintaining the company’s presence on various social media accounts through regular posting. (Facebook & Instagram)

  • Collecting all materials for the production’s program and printing:

    • Includes: company bios, “shout-out” spots, sponsorship ads, Director’s notes, etc…

  • Working closely with the Graphic Designer to create all promotional materials, including the show's poster.

  • Working closely with the Board of Directors in coordinating with the press, inviting reporters to the show, assuring the timely release of any articles that are written, as well as depicting the brand identity of the company.

  • Taking photos and/or hiring photographers for headshots and promotional materials.

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